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Tewell & Shaub Practice Areas

Tewell & Shaub provides service in a wide variety of legal matters including:


Premises Liability. The firm prosecutes and defends a variety of claims ranging from slip and fall, negligent security, fights, and intoxication.

Insurance Coverage. The firm provides coverage opinions on all types of policies.

Product Liability. The firm has an extensive background in product liability litigation. It has represented injured people, as well as the makers and distributors of diverse products from trucks to space heaters to fireworks.

Fire and Property Damage. The firm represented one of the major defendants in the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel fire litigation. We have represented clients in landslide, water damage and other property damage losses. The firm won a defense verdict in a $30,000,000 warehouse fire loss.

Professional Malpractice. The firm has represented soils engineers, civil engineers, architects, insurance brokers, and other professionals.

Construction. Among the larger construction cases that the firm has been involved in are the WPPSS construction litigation and the Sea-Tac Tower II litigation.

Toxic Torts. The firm has represented clients in litigation involving formaldehyde, asbestos, DES, and prescription drugs.

Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle. We have extensive experience in all facets of reconstruction, safety and accident analysis.

Unusual Risks. We have represented clients with unusual risks including rock concert security, hockey venues and wrecking yards.

Personal Injury. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in claims for personal injuries. We take most plaintiff's cases on a contingency basis.

Business Litigation. We have prosecuted and defended a variety of contract claims arising from business relationships and transactions.

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