Tewell & Shaub
TEWELL & SHAUB is a professional services corporation whose practice emphasizes representing businesses and individuals in both litigation and transactional matters. We litigate in Washington State and Federal courts in Washington State.
CIVIL LITIGATION: Tewell & Shaub provides civil litigation services covering a wide variety of cases. We quickly and aggressively handle sophisticated and complicated civil litigation matters. We have an impressive track record of successfully resolving disputes arising from accidents, professional services, products and fire.

We understand how litigation affects our clients businesses and personal lives. We are experienced in litigation risk analysis and counsel our clients how to avoid or minimize litigation risks. We have extensive experience in mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Regardless of whether your suit is resolved by mediation, arbitration, or jury trial, Tewell & Shaub provides the legal services you need.. . . More »